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Adjusting and aligning BIM Sections and Viewports

I am interested in how to control the following parameters:

  1. Insertion point of BIM Section block that gets generated in sheet drawing files. For example, I want to align floor plans by a common origin. I want to align the heights of building sections and elevations. Instead, the block insertions locate at the lower left limit of whatever random peripheral object happens to get cut by each section. So any site features or varying projections from the building perimeter cause misalignment.
  2. The visible margins inside a BIM viewport around the BIM section block. This margin differs whether Project Browser or BIMSectionUpdate is used to create a sheet. And it is almost always too tight to accommodate notes and dimensions. I've tried converting the state of BIMSection plan entities to "Volume" from "Plane", and then stretching the grips, but this fails to adjust the viewport boundary as I would have expected.
  3. Spacing of BIM Section blocks in model space. Sheetset Setup gives (quite limited) control over how the BIM viewports get arranged in a layout. Is there some way to adjust the spacing in model space, either similarly before the blocks get generated, or—better—afterwards with a way to maintain the focus of their corresponding viewports?
  4. Layers assigned to automatically generated content in sheets. The BIM Section blocks, story elevation markers, BIM tags and other labels all end up on the same layer, except section tags get BIM_SECTION layer.


  • Hello Scott,

    We definitely took note of your suggestions.

    Regarding the insertion point, we changed the behavior in V21 such that the section result XY coordinates are the same as the 3D model. This should make it easier to combine multiple sections on top of each other, or align different section with each other. This functionality is available already in V21.

    Regarding the visible margins, we have unified the viewport size calculation for the project browser and BimSectionUpdate. We are also considering to add an additional setting for this margin. This functionality will be made available in one of the upcoming maintenance releases.

    Please feel free to file a support or feature requests for the other items, so we can keep you updated about when this fix or improvement will be released in the future.

    Kind regards,

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