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BricsCAD viewport lags, any improvement?

Hello :-)

Even with small trivial shapes (like a cube), the viewport is not smooth (it seems like every few frames, BricsCAD is making some calculation). This, however, become more apparent and really lagguish on more complex designs until it become nearly unusable.

To explain better the case, I uploaded a video (unlisted to not domage BricSys reputation), showing how it performs, and also comparing with the same mesh on Blender (60 fps perfectly smooth). In the video, you can see how slow it is to create a simple extrusion (x2 - x3 time).

As you may see, I tried to enable multi-threading, even setting 8/16 of the cores on my machine. This has no impact on the lags. I have the impression it is related to some access to the disk synchronously with the rendering loop (logs? or similar?)

Do you experience the same issue? and is there a way to improve this?

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  • CAD + Linux + Mesh = Very Bad Combination. BricsCAD (and AutoCAD) are very slow working with many small faces.

  • Actually, I found that shortly after a restart, BricsCAD is quite smooth. After working with it for a while (few hours for several days), memory consumption start to be very high (up to 14GB once), and those lags become more and more apparent. Currently I am just restarting BricsCAD every while.
    I reported the High-memory usage, hopping they will improve it in future versions (and maybe lags will also improve this way). For the lags, it's difficult to report something only appearing after several hours. I will continue to observe to see if I can point some exact reason.

    I know that most CAD software are only for Windows, and this is the exact reason why I bough BricsCAD and not another software.

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