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V19 vs V20 2DINTERSECTION has changed how it operates.

In V19 in 3D Modeling, 2DINTERSECTION turned on grips where 2 solids intersected. In V20, this no longer works. Is this a bug or the way it's now supposed to work?

In V20, ZINTERSECTION provides the grips that 2DIntersection provided in V19 plus some extras (midpoints). The display gets twitchy when I attempt to pick those grips making it hard to see what I'm selecting.

See attached.

I'm trying to get a DIST, diagonal for the center hole to make sure it's a 1" square. At a high zoom level to try to make sure I select what I want, the display of the interference area dances around making selection difficult. At lower zoom level, the new midpoint snaps can easily be selected by mistake on a thin surface and that's why I zoom in. I'm working on 3/32" thin steel.

Is there a way to eliminate the midpoint snaps of ZINTERSECTION and just get what V19 provided?

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