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Workflow BricsCAD BIM to Twinmotion?

I tried export BricsCAD BIM to FBX file then import to Twinmotion. I apply material for object then I come back BricksCAD. I add more model in file then export FBX again with SAME NAME (confirm replace file). I come back the Twinmotion then reload FBX file. Material which I applied to previous model will be lost.

This is list of format which can be imported to Twinmotion.
What I should do?

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  • I'm not sure if you just re-imported or really reloaded the file.
    For me it basically works by reloading the FBX.

    There is just something strange with Bricscad's FBX exporter and reloading.
    It keeps my previous Material overrides but will mix things up.
    Like the Wood I replaced for furniture and floor appeared on some of
    my curtain Wall panels instead of the previous Glass.

    Which for me looks a bit like FBX export in Bricscad would randomly change
    Object IDs with every import ?

    You could try DAE instead of FBX.
    AFAIK I already did and may have been worse (?)

  • What the file format Enscape use? I think It may help if We export same file format which is exported to Enscape.

  • I am not sure if it works with a standard export format.
    AFAIK such a live exchange nowadays works by directly
    grabbing the object data from the View Window data.

  • edited August 2

    Are there other solution BricsCAD team? compatible with rendering software is important, if you are BIM software

  • Bricscad's solution is Enscape Plugin.
    Unfortunately Windows only.

    A real solution for me would be to finally upgrade the BC's FBX exporter to a state
    that I am used from all my other Software's FBX ex-/importers.
    Beside Geometry and Material Assignments, which works mostly well,
    also bringing Cameras/Saved Views, Lights, Layers, Object hierarchy (options)
    or better switching to Pixar's open 3D exchange format.

    And second, upgrade BC's rudimentary Material System to some basic PBR
    Material Setup.

    If I got that right,
    until today, Enscape still hasn't any ambitions in supporting macOS at all.
    And there aren't any plans that BC's own Enscape Plugin will support
    Enscape's Libraries (Plants, People, Cars, ...)

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