Exporting from Bricscad to QGIS (shape file)

I want to export some blocks with attributes to QGIS. The objects are blocks with objects and attributes.

I have looked at Spatial Data Manager and did a trial. It almost did what I wanted but the issue was attributed blocks, in the export blocks are exported as a point object (ie the insertion point), however the attributes export to fields OK. If the object is a closed polyline it exports as a polygon OK, but it appears that not being a block it cannot contain attributes.

Does anyone have another process I could look at?


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  • Terry Dotson
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    Some would recommend saving your drawing as DXF for QGIS, but that's not going to address your extended data issue.

    Polylines (and most other objects) do not provide for attributes. In DotSoft's MapWorks attributes of other objects are easily stored and edited as extended data on the object. Actually during it's Import (of ShapeFiles and other formats) any extra data is stored on the object as well, creating a round trip compatibility.

    Try the 45-day full working evaluation of MapWorks and see for yourself. It also has a lot of additional functionality that will enhance your capabilities and might just eliminate the need to export for QGIS.


  • Thanks Terry, i’ll look at this.
    Do you know if the export supports data dictionaries. My reading suggests the they may be better than using Xrecords to store non spatial info. attached to an object.

  • The export currently only supports our own extended data format which is open (any lisp coder could read or write it). However if you have data attached to objects in any accessible form, we will try to adapt to it or at least provide a conversion to our format. If that's the case, please send a sample drawing via email whenever possible so we can look into it.

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