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eNulObjectId Error - Answered

Hello, I have searched all over and have tried a number of variations on this code to fix the issue, but nothing works.
I get the error (attached) at the line:
Dim podBTR As BlockTableRecord = podTopSubTrans.GetObject(podBT(BlockTableRecord.ModelSpace), OpenMode.ForWrite)

If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, please let me know.

Imports Teigha.Runtime
Imports Teigha.DatabaseServices
Imports Teigha.Geometry
Imports Bricscad.ApplicationServices
Imports Bricscad.Runtime
Imports Bricscad.EditorInput
Imports _AcDb = Teigha.DatabaseServices

Public Sub drawTopOutlineFCBGA(ByVal drawingStartPoint As Double, ByVal subLength As Double, ByVal subHeight As Double, ByVal ballLeadPitch As Double, ByVal dwg_scale As Double, ByVal dwgTextHeight As Double, ByVal libPath As String)

    Dim podDWG As Document = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument
    Dim podED As Editor = podDWG.Editor

    Using docloc As DocumentLock = podDWG.LockDocument
        Using podDB As Database = podDWG.Database
            Using podTopSubTrans As Transaction = podDB.TransactionManager.StartTransaction
                    Dim podBT As BlockTable = DirectCast(podTopSubTrans.GetObject(podDB.BlockTableId, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockTable)
                    Dim podBTR As BlockTableRecord = podTopSubTrans.GetObject(podBT(BlockTableRecord.ModelSpace), OpenMode.ForWrite)
                    Dim subX1 As Double, subX2 As Double, subY1 As Double, subY2 As Double, dimLSuffix As String, dimHSuffix As String, dimatfitValue As Integer

This code worked in AutoCad (though I've made minimal changes for it to work in BricsCAD). I'm still getting used to the changes in BricsCAD.

484 x 299 - 12K


  • Ok, I believe I have this one fixed. It is weird to me because it had nothing to do with the text in the code.
    In the properties, I had the default configuration set to "Released". I changed it to "Debug" and that seems to have taken care of it.

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