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Toolbar problem

Why would BricsCad Linux v20 turn off my tool bar (happened twice) or hide the inquiry tools (happened once)?


  • If you mean the Ribbon,
    that happens to me too, every now and then.
    I think these GUI and Customization hiccups
    are equal on Linux and Mac.
    Sometimes I even seem to have lost parts of my
    customized Bricscad Settings.

    For me Windows version feels much more reliable,
    not only in this regard.

  • Hy, I have bricscad V17 pro on my computer. i cant activate layers comand from my toolbar. I can only activate it by right click on my mause. also my brics cad freezes for a few seconds every few minutes. xref comand is also not working properly. xref window odes not open. all of this is hapening from moment i installed brics again after changing my computer. thanks in advance. kind regards. vinko

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