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I have a problem with the costraints feature in Bricscad Mechanical-Sheet Metal. Is it normal that when I do a flange some of the previous costraints are automatically deleted? As you can see from the images I created three different costraints (two for the distance (one vertical (L1) and one horizontal (L2)) e one for the angle), but when I use the flange feature two of the previous costraints are deleted (the angle and vertical distance). Is there a way to solve this problem? I think the problem is due to the fact that I can't choose how to make the flange, I can say its lenght, angle, radius but I can't choose where it begins, it's like the constraints is deleted because when I do the flange the panel's lenght changes.


  • The problem is probably that adding the flange has deleted a face. Therefore any constraints applied to that face are lost.

  • Robert
    edited October 2020

    From the screenshots it looks like you are using the parametric tools to design your sheetmetal product.
    The parametric tools in Bricscad are not designed to do this.
    They are designed to add parameters to a "finished" model, so you can easily edit a part at a later date.
    Or they can be used to a build product configurator for automatic model generation.

    So in short, finish the design of the sheet metal part first add parameters second.

  • I haven't parameterized anything, but I have designed a lot of sheet metal and used constraints many times. But my use of constraints has been to position parts in an assembly. I have encountered some circumstances in which constraints were lost when the part being constrained was modified. That would make sense. No bother, you just re-establish the constraint after the mod is done. Forgive me however, if I am not understanding what you are doing.

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