Steps to copy all settings over to a new computer

I'm looking for a way to transfer all settings, hatches, CUI, shortcuts, etc. from one device onto another. Is there an option to do this?


  • Do you mean like in Autocad \tools\options\export profile? This saves all Autocad settings as an *ARG file that can be loaded into a new install. As your post was dated October 2020 I assume you worked a way to do this in BricsCAD?
    Because I have been trying to find this myself - I want to put BricsCAD onto my laptop with all my settings, rather than have to do it manually, but so far I have found nothing.
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    When upgrading etc you have a blank CAD so we used lisp to do what you want had 2 versions laptop and desktop/server, oh yeah laptop/server was created by having 2 Cad icons on desktop remote or office.

    The program set all the paths, loaded menu's etc The most recent installs a zip full of code etc to a known directory I use that to send to clients. You can unzip a file via lisp. If you put your autoloads into a mnl it will load all your shortcuts. I was looking for add to start up suite. Each user had a script with their toolbar selection did that last.

    The other way is make a Bundle read Acad or in this case for Bricscad slightly different way has been discussed. I have not done one yet.
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