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Git support?

The mention of Git for drawing version control caught my attention. Where is this funcitonality hidden? Is it specific to an edition or part of Core?
I downloaded v21 and looked around but couldn't find it. Also checked the help and found no mention of Git.


  • edited October 2020

    Really interesting, in today's Brics Digital Summit

    about 02:53:00 - that Git can apply to version control as in CAD entities.

    Announced today, so won't be out there yet - will first appear in next Beta then soon enough in v21 Release version.

  • Psst, the command is VERSIONCONTROL and it requires a BricsCAD Cloud account. I'm afraid that's about the extent of my knowledge, but I think it was covered briefly in the Cloud session.

    P.S. Check out the Bricsys Band's excellent rendition of "Black Velvet" around the 2:55 mark of the video that Tom linked.

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