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V21 Mechanical - export/import IFC - How?

Is export to IFC available?
Quoted as being a standard feature on the mechanical info page...
See attached screenshot...

Does not appear on any menu and no prompts appear when you start to type in 'IFC'

Please can anyone advise..


Screenshot (1).png
3840 x 2160 - 381K

Best Answer

  • I tested on my ultimate version using SETLICENSELEVEL. The IFC options is disappears in MEC mode. Available in BIM or ULTIMATE. I think is a communication issue on the web site. I agree that the IFC export option can be of some use when creating mechanical devices for the BIM world.


  • edited November 2020

    I can't remember if it was the video of their summit last week, or some smaller demo video, but I think I saw the IFC option when you use the EXPORT command. It was near the bottom of options for file types you could select on the export window that popped up.

    Edit: This was bugging me, so I checked the summit video. I see what looks like an export to IFC command added to the ribbon bar under the home tab. This is for the BIM module, but I'm assuming it should also be in the Mechanical module. Look at timestamp 2:48:40 on their Youtube video here:

  • Hi,
    Still no joy with exporting to IFC using V21 Mechanical.
    Is IFC export only available on the BIM version?

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