copy selected entities to clip board failed

Does anyone know what causes the " copy selected entities to clip board failed" error and how to fix it?


  • I've never seen that error message.
    What command are you using when you get it?
    Does it happen every time you use that command, or only when trying to copy certain entities to the clipboard?

  • I use the copy command. I select the items I want to copy and it immediately provides this error after I choose the copy command

  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited July 2021

    The Copy command isn't supposed to involve the clipboard, so that would be a very strange error message. The CopyClip and CopyBase commands both put the selected entities on the system clipboard. With CopyBase, you have to pick a base point. If you don't pick a point, the operation fails. In my v17, it doesn't give me an error message, but I find out it failed when I try to paste the entities.

  • I get the same message when trying to copy to clipboard on files from a particular designer. I am not sure if there is something imbedded in his files that prevent the copy of them.
  • The Acad/Bricscad COPY command (keyboard shortcut CO) is quite different from the Windows standard Copy command (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C). The latter puts the selected items onto the clip board - the former doesn't. The latter is for copying things between dwg files, or from modelspace to a paperspace window. The former is for copying items within a window.
  • That error when copying to clipboard *could* be caused by proxy objects, typically from custom objects of external applications (Acad Mech/Arch/... and others).

    There is no generic solution - a proxy object itself can define whether cloning of it is allowed or not - and typically it is not allowed.

    Possible approaches : set DEMANDLOAD=3 and LOADMECHANICAL2D=1 to enable the built-in ObjectEnablers (handlers for several Acad Arch/Mech/Civil/... custom objects) which are installed by BricsCAD.
    Partially, if possible, such entities should not be selected for CopyClip (when a single such entity is selected, the PropertiesPanel will show "Proxy Entity" type).

    Also, SHOWPROXYNOTICE=1 can be set to see in a dialog message, what kind of proxy objects are contained in the drawing (can be visible and invisible objects).
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