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How to make work Python with BRIQPY / BIMPYTHON ?

While reading (and after viewing the bricsys 2021 conf, if my memory is correct),
I saw that a new command was provided which enable python scripting

This new command allows Python Scripting and Querying of a BIM model.
The distance calculation for directed bounding boxes has been improved.

Currently BRIQPY is not recognized at my commandline in BCAD ultimate v2021.

Is that the same stuff that deserve the same intent ?
Where can i find additional information about this feature (doc, sample) ?
Do we need to call at python the BRX api, the COM api ?

Docs are quite terse about this today.


  • Hi,

    The mention of BRIQPY was a mistake in the release notes; BRIQPY was the name of the command during the development, but shortly before the release it was renamed to BIMPYTHON. So you are right, BIMPYTHON is the same as BRIQPY.

    The documentation of this command will be created soon, we haven't been able to catch up fully with all new features yet unfortunately.

    Thank you for your patience,

  • Thanks for the quick feedback.

    Impatient to see python in bcad in action...

  • I am trying to activate python according to the current documentation at

    It does not find a module "briqpy" and also not "bimpython", the module does not exist.

    Where could the error be?

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