Temp files?

Is there a folder for temp files? I am using Bricscad for Mac. When the program crashes man it crashes... just poof gone. Where are the autosaves saved to also?


  • You can find them in the Settings.
    Path, Time, ...

    I pointed all my 3D/Cad Apps into a single Folder Structure,
    on the fast local SSD.

  • Cant find them in settings...just crashed again.

  • I think it is SAVEFILEPATH
    By default in any cryptic hidden Temp Folder ...

    and SAVETIME
    By default set to 60 minutes !?

  • Thank you. I changed the path to a normal location so hopefully next crash I will have something there to save my time. I have been adding some quicksaves in my lisp routines to hopefully help.

  • Thanks for asking.
    So I realized that I haven't set my backups for V21 either.
    And as it defaults to 60 minutes, there wasn't any backup so far.
    I set to 8 minutes.

  • lol no problem :) is V21 out now?

  • I have it on a Windows10 PC until released for Mac.

  • aahhh . I just sent in my request to join the beta program.

  • I know this is an old discussion but I want to add to it
    If I type in the comandline "SAVEFILEFOLDER" the temp folder is automaticly opened in windows explorer
    I am on BricsCAD Lite 2022
  • Config files "Save file path" you will be surprised how much ends up in there. I have a bat file to clean it out.

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