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BricsCAD Launcher units toggle?

edited November 2020 in Other

At the bottom of the v21 launcher window are two buttons that toggle between Metric and Imperial units. One button is darker gray and the other is lighter gray compared to the launcher background color in dark mode. Clicking on either button flips the state of the two. But which one is active? I can't tell which is supposed to look "on".

And what does it do? Online help says it defines the BASEFILE system variable. However, no matter how I change the state of those units buttons—in light or dark mode—I always get the same .dwt for my BASEFILE until I change it manually.

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  • edited November 2020

    I would expect that the "highlighted" button
    (or the button you pressed the last time)
    is the active button.

    Imperial in this case.
    (But can I be sure ?)

    ((BTW, I set it always to Metric as I never want see any Imperial things. Whatever that setting does
    and why ever it is here, as ....*))

    More attention from me gets the following Start Panel, after the launcher, where I choose and set the
    INSUNITS (Template) of my New Drawing.
    * where I can still access imperial or metric Templates, no matter of my setting before (?) and Recent Files
    stay in any Insunits and global standards as they have been.
    That Imperial vs Real Units switch also doesn't help to hide "funny Units" in my selection for DynDim and
    Volume dimensions display.

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