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BOM - change "length_1" to "length [mm]"

Is it possible to permanently change the name of the column "Length_1" to "Length [mm]" in the BOM table in each new table create?

Best Answer

  • Not directly, but something similar could be achieved with BOM templates. If "Length_1" is renamed to "Length [mm]", and the BOM table is saved as a template, then the next time another BOM table is created from this template, "Length_1" property will be already renamed. However, it's not a 100% perfect solution, because if the model doesn't have "Lenght_1" property, the column will be still there, albeit empty.
    If BOM templates are not a good solution for this case, then I would recommend to submit a support request for such functionality.

    Best regards,
    Maxim Shilovsky.


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