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GPU Optimization

Just installed a an RTX4000. I have one drawing that's several five viewports over a large 3D piping model. The farther I pan out the more sluggish it gets.

Other specs are Ryzen 3700X, 16bg RAM, and SS drive.

Previously had a P400 and the upgrade hasn't really helped with the zooming, panning - but that GPU was slammed in the resource monitor and stealing RAM from the motherboard. New GPU isn't even breaking a sweat in the resource monitor.

Are there best recommended settings in the Nvidia control panel or is BricsCAD just not able to take advantage of newer GPU technology? Obviously there's no presets.




  • Could be Windows Energy Settings.
    I explicitly set certain 3D Apps to use the RTX 2070 at full power,
    not auto or energy saving.
    I did the same in Nvidia control panel. Though I think it
    should overwrite Windows Energy Settings automatically (?)

    At least we AMD Ryzen users have no problems that Windows
    would choose an intergrated GPU over our discrete GPU.

    How much VRAM needed do you see in Task Manager with
    your file. Unlikely but maybe it needs more than your 8 GB.

    Beside I would try to install the latest driver.
    As you have a Quadro, there are 2 drivers available .
    E.g. for Vectorworks, which also doesn't use any special Quadro
    drivers, only one them works reasonable. I just forgot which.

  • You're not playing a 3d shooter. You are working in a CAD system. Don't be confused. 70% of the work of rendering your pipeline is converting a solid model (mathematical in nature) to a polygonal model, suitable for rendering. And another 29% is the maintenance of any plugins and varied engineering parameters. So all the work lies with the central processor. And I'm not sure if this work can be parallelized well (AutoCAD, for example, runs exclusively on one core). You have installed a powerful video card and now the last 1% of the work is done 10 times faster. But are you sure you can spot the 0.9% difference? Should you be GPU optimizing? You noticed right - the video card is idle when CAD is running.

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