Non-uniform scaling

is it possible to SCALE a collection of 2D entities non-uniformly i.e. x and y axis by different ratios? SCALE comand won't do it but I seem to remember it said that it can be done using Properties panel. Can't see that tho. Or by converting to a Block, Exploding afterwards?

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  • Maybe Align Tool.

    There is an old Bricscad Video on Youtube where a house plan
    was "aligned" to a city plan.
    Align Tool did 3 things at a time, Move, Scale and Rotate.

    I am just not sure if there was also non-uniform scaling
    possible or not.

  • That's it CADMebel - thanks.
    Michael, I use ALIGN a great deal in 2D, dabbing Enter twice at end, so z remains unaltered; never realised there was a final option to Scale, before the last dab. Unfortunately it doesn't offer non-uniform scaling. Thanks - learned something.

  • Hi Tom,

    I think this is possible to do using unequal scaling with INSERT. Steps would be:

    • COPYCLIP desired entities to the clipboard.
    • PASTEBLOCK entities back in as block.
    • Use INSERT (make sure all options are set to specify on screen) to insert the block name created by PASTEBLOCK.
    • When prompted, select X Y Z scaling to allow you to enter separate scale factors for each axis. Note the scale factor has to be a real number, don't define by picking points.
    • Finish insertion of the block by setting the rotation angle.
    • Use EXPLODE to explode the block (EXPLMODE needs to be ON).

    The following function can be used to assist with working out the X Y Z scale factors.

    (defun scalefactor ( / Source Target)
        (cond ((and (setq Source (getdist "\nSource distance: "))   (setq Target (getdist "\nTarget distance: ")))
                     (/ Target Source)
                    (T nil)

    You can call it from within a command by typing (scalefactor) when prompted for a X Y Z scale.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V21 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

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