How to tell which version is currently running

Hey all, dumb question, but how can you tell which version of BricsCAD you are currently running. Other than the program saying V21 in the start menu I can't seem to be able to figure out how to get the specific information on the version of V21? Thanks............Ed


  • I start Bricscad to check the build number.
    AFAIK it is the first welcome screen that shows the whole build number.
    Or I check my software download folder.

    I hope someone knows a better way.

  • Menu Help>About
    command line _vernum

  • and command line _about

  • Ah, yes, usually I look for help>about
    needs an open App though.

    when starting, the build number appears after Welcome Screen,
    after selecting Workspace ....

  • Thanks, as soon as I sent this out I figured out on the quad there is a Information tab. Thanks all..........

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