Unable to open old drawings properly of BricsCAD in newer versions of AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Attached drawing file is giving trouble to insert external drawings properly. I have a customer file(probably older file) consists of 27000+ drawing entities displayed improperly or corrupted one. When I tried to insert a drawing(SOLID) from external ref into the customer supplied .dwg file its showing in a single lines. But the same file inserted in a new drwaing file display correctly without issues. I just want to know the root casue of the issue. I have explored the drawing the file using TrueDWg and ODAMFC APP but still unable to find the root casue.Any help in giving the true casue of this issue is really appreciable. Attached are the required dwg files(minimized versions).


  • You need to set the Visual Style on the PROPERTIES PANEL to a rendered style to see it shown as a solid.

    The files have errors in the drawing database. You can fix these using AUDIT or RECOVER

    The files also look to have been created using CadWorx. You will need this 3rd part application installed to be able to see the objects created by it.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V21 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

  • Hi Jason, Thanks for your valuable comments. Fortunately I have tried all your suggestions before and below are my observations:
    1. I have tried to set the visual style to realistic and conceptual and do not see any solids using bricsCAD.
    2. To fix drawing database: In AutoCAD when I recover the file i have noticed that 37 objects in the drawing file are getting deleted and I am unable to recover them. Using ODAMFCApp I see all graphic objects are recovered without any deletion. What could be the reason behind?
    The actual issue is the drawing file is opening n the older versions without any issues and saveas to newer versions is also working fine. But if I directly open the drawing file in the newer version of BricsCAD I see lot of issues as described earlier. can we setup a call to give more details.

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