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Xrefs dropped when using Publish Command - Bricscad V21 on Mac Big Sur

I noticed recently when I use the Publish command the drawing I am currently in (when using the command) prints fine but other drawings in the sheet list all open up (with names Drawing1, Drawing2, etc.) after clicking "Publish" and their xrefs are missing, unless I already have all the drawings I'm trying to publish open prior to initiating the Publish command (in which case they don't open again and the xrefs print okay). This was not a problem previously using the same drawings on an older mac OS and Bricscad platform. When I use the Print command in V21 and print drawings individually from each file they look fine, but Publish does not seem to handle the xrefs in any drawings that are not open at the time. I'd be curious if anyone else has experienced similar or if there is a setting I need to adjust in Publish or some other area. Thank you.

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