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Memory issue with custom components

Dear all,

healthy and happy New Year first of all.

I have created several component libraries from available vendor parts with an extract as below.

1#DIN EN 1092-1, Absperrschieber, Grundreihe 14.dwg -> 1,9MB
2#DIN EN 1092-1, Pass- Ausbaustück.dwg -> 2,8MB

Using the components and the components delivered by standard installation I have generated a test drawing containings 27 objects. The test.dwg is 17.19 MB in size. The file is thus several times the size of the component files. File size without custom components is only 625kB. I am thus running eyes open into trouble with filesize and am trying to debug the whereabouts. The test.dwg contains three objects of type 2# and two objects of type 1#. When observing the drawing through the structure browser I notice that each block reference from the custom components contains all 3d solids, thus 2x1# and 3x2#, which amounts to 12,2MB. I am still missing 5MB in size. I have taken instructions as to how to generate components from;

Unfortunately I could not upload the original test.dwg due to size restriction. Any assistance as to how I would a# optimize my component setup and b# as to where the missing memory is allocated is highly welcome.

Kind regards


DIN EN 1092-1, Absperrschieber, Grundreihe 14.dwg
DIN EN 1092-1, Pass- Ausbaustück.dwg


  • Hi Sebastian, I guess you also have to consider the in-memory definition of the parametrization which, in your case is more or less the same size of an entry in the table. So you have to count:
    (2+1) x 1# + (3+1) x 2# => 12.2 + (1.9+2.8) = 16.9 + 0.625 => 17.5

  • @Daniele Piazza
    thanks for your reply and understood your comment. After filing an issue I have been told that it is by design that component are inserted repetitively

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