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How can I fix problems in components that I’ve made.

Happy holidays everyone!!
I'll be grateful to those who can help me to avoid what I am doing wrong.

I am assuming the following:
1.) I 've raised arguments that I believe are not consistent with the spirit of BRICSCAD, so I seek the help of this forum to put the ideas in order.

The distance constraints implies, that when placing a dimension for width and height, for example, a Window measures W = 2.50 meters, H = 1.50 meters, and when trying to make that dimension greater than the Constraint W x H, the component is altered, This happens if there are elements that are repeat, for example the blinds of a window. Images 1A/1B

This window has the range to change its height from 1.80 meters to 1.00 meters, outside of this range the component does not work well.
In relation to the width of the window the minimum width can be 0.50 meters (500 millimeters)

2.) The component does not display dimensions, (the one on the right), like the original component, (the one on the left) Images 2A/2B
3). The insertion point is not consistent before the component insertion. Image 3A
4.) How can I fix the insertion point and the dynamic input options with de control key? Image 4A

and finally
How can I create the parameter for the depth of the frame respect to the exterior or interior face of the wall?.

Thanks in advance.

IMAGE 1A.png
970 x 735 - 67K
IMAGE 3A.png
723 x 650 - 66K
IMAGE 1B.png.png
902 x 693 - 67K
IMAGE 4A.png
1008 x 541 - 93K
IMAGE 2A.png
994 x 661 - 140K
IMAGE 2B.png
1019 x 657 - 147K
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