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Attach user defined property sets per instance

Is it possible to attach a user-defined property set in the namespace "User" or "Custom" with "per instance" = "Yes" to a BIM element?
When importing IFC files with user defined property sets, corresponding "Custom" property sets are created in BricsCAD BIM.
Is there a special BricsCAD BIM command to attach user-defined property sets manually (per instance) to certain elements?
Is it possible to attach user-defined property sets with BricsCAD BIM LISP API?
I'm urgently looking for this funcitonality to be able to attach user-defined property set to 3DSolids classified as Building Element (ifcBuildingElementProxy).

Can someone help me please?
Thank you and kind regards!


  • edited January 14

    Hello, Chris,

    there is a LISP API for BIM properties, see our "Lisp Developer Support Package" documentation (freeware in application catalog), or our online help.
    Actually, the (bim:set-property) can not yet attach new custom properties, only edit existing properties.

    It is planned to have this improved/fixed with V21.2 (already works on my machine) ... so far, that should then work for you as you intend :smile:
    many greetings !

  • Dear Torsten,

    many thanks for the quick and detailed answers to my support request. I'm really looking forward to testing these functions in V21.2.

    Regarding bim:set-property - will this function only change values of existing properties or also add new ones to custom PSets?

    The following Lisp BIM functions would be very helpful in my opinion:

    Lisp functions for creating / changing / deleting new properties, if not already covered by bim: set-property, such as ...
    (bim:create-property PSetName PropertyID PropertyLabel PropertyDescription PropertyType Enum)
    (bim:delete-property PSetName PropertyID)

    Lisp functions for creating / changing / deleting user-defined property sets such as…
    (bim:create-pset PSetName PSetID PSetLabel Namespace PerInstance Visible Categories)
    (bim:delete-pset PSetName)

    Lisp functions for attaching user-defined PSets (perInstance = Yes) to selected elements such as ...
    (bim:attach-pset Entity PSetID)

    Such functions could be used to import / create large BIM data structures from Excel / CSV and assign them to selected elements.
    If such custom PSets could also be exported as IFC, then i guess this would be perfect for BIM users!

    Thank you very much for the development of "BLADE" and this extensive Lisp API - just beautiful :-)

    All the best!

  • Dear Chris,

    so far, I tried to prevent reworking the entire (bim:set-property) function, for a new "NameSpace" parameter;
    actually, the (bim:set/get-property) function already has an optional last argument, for "Category" ... normally, that "Category" should correspond to a BIM property "NameSpace", but the BIM logic had changed over time, and so it never really matched.

    Besides, changing properties only works in propertysets for few "NameSpaces" only ... namely in "User";
    so the trick implemented now is :
    first attempt tries to create + edit the property in a same-named propertyset, as specified by "Category" in (bim:set-property);
    if that fails, LISP will internally fall-back to "User" namespace ...
    this approach applies to create, read and write operations, so it is fully transparent.

    This means :
    a) existing apps will start to work, withotu code change
    b) no extra code changes required to deal with "NameSpace" (and with "Category" in parallel ... rather confusing)

    The disadvantage is, tha LISP + BRX applications can not explicitly use an own, dedicated propertyset name - all API based properties are in "BIM Application Properties" propertiesset ... theoretically, for BRX based apps, it would be possible to automatically create a propertyset, based on the BRX app's "application name" ... but this is not possible for Lisp.

    Maybe, for V21.2, I might additionally add new (bim:set/get-ps-property) function, with explicit "propertyset" name ... ? The specified "propertyset" would be created automatically ... in case, it is not yet existing (which means, those functions to create/delete propertysets, as you suggested, also make sense !);
    I think this could be a good compromise, compatible forward + backward (I keep thinking about :smile: )

    I also noticed that deleting a property is not yet available ... so soem work remains till V21.2 :smile:

    If such custom PSets could also be exported as IFC, then i guess this would be perfect for BIM users!

    yes, clearly !! We are internally discussing about this ...

    many greetings !

  • Dear Thorsten,

    thank you again for your quick and detailed reply!
    My questions are answered now and I won’t bother you any longer.
    I’m looking forward to test V21.2 :smile:
    Kind Regards,

  • Dear Chris,
    with V21.2, there will also be a new "LDSP package, with docs for the added + updated LISP functions ...

    many greetings !

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