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Pamametric Blocks

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Since I will have to transition from Dynamic to Parametric blocks, what is a good tutorial (video preferably) to get familiar with them? I know visibility states was added and that is a big one for me. I read the one thing about it but was just looking for a great recent video on it. Also, what happens when I share a DWG with someone using Autocad when it has parametric blocks?

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  • Hi Betazero. I don't have a direct answer to your question, but thought that maybe I could point out that most Dynamic Block functionality will be retained in BricsCAD. What I mean is that if the block is created in AutoCAD, you will be able to use it in BricsCAD; like you'll be able to utilize the grips, etc.... You just can't edit them or make new ones.
    A person could just use ACAD to make all their blocks (for example, just get a one month subscription, or even a trial) and then have them ready for BricsCAD.
    I think that every Dynamic block function will work in BricsCAD but I am not 100% sure of this.

    Note that I am also experimenting with Parametric Blocks at this time so I might have something to contribute to your actual request in the not-so-distant future.

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    Yea but I keep wanting to modify my hundreds of dynamic blocks in little ways like I have been doing since it came out in Autocad. Literally one the best "new" features in Autocad ( possibly the last great feature that I can think of.. god its 14 years old...just looked it up in google...?) . I am ready to make a switch unless dynamic block editing is in the works. I read somewhere that this wont be happening ever though so I want to get ready for parametric blocks.

    Also, Bricscad does not like leaders with editable nodes in dynamic blocks. They flip out. Most other things work with some minor quirks like hatch patterns changing display order with associated hatches and stretch but most are ok.

  • A quick search of the publish bricscad documentation yielded a tutorial for exactly this question:

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