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BOM template different in separate drawings


I have a template for a BOM. With every drawing I make (with same drawing template) it is waiting to see what I get on the screen.
Text sizes and cell sizes are sometimes different, unit placement is sometimes in column title and another time in separate column. When I have the good BOM in place and I have to update, everything must be done again. It is really frustrating...

Does anyone know how to make the template for the BOM so that it stays the same in all drawings and after updates?

Gr Patrick


  • Which BricsCAD version are you using? V21 is behaving better than V20 in several ways, though it still has some idiosyncrasies.

    Could you share one or more examples by uploading a few screen captures so that we have a better understanding of the issue you are seeing?

    Did you also set a BOM style (i.e. not a template). Do you apply a BOM template afterwards with a BOM that is not as you want it to be and is it then correct?

  • Hello RSW,

    Thank you for your reaction. I am using V21, but the issue is just solved with Bricscad support.
    I have to create a new BOM from template and then delete the old one. First deleting and create new did make the system unstable with strange results.

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