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Reactivate network license after trial version?

We have 3 users that share 1 network license.

When the 1st user starts BricsCAD and the 2nd user also start BricsCAD, it shows the popup of 'All licenses are in use'. This is normal off course because of 1 license.

But the 2nd user clicks on 'OK' and then it starts the __**Trial **__version of BricsCAD.

Afther the 1st user closes BricsCAD, then the network license will be available for the 2nd user. But when the 2nd user restarts BricsCAD, then it still wants to start the trial version?!

The 2nd user must reactivate (manually) the license. End-user must check the box 'Servername' en typ the servername and press 'OK'. After that, its all normal again.

But the way the network license work is not very nice...

Is there something we can do about this?

ps. sorry for my (bad) English = i am from the Netherlands.

Activate License.png
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Server opgeven om te controleren v2.png
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  • For what reason should you want to re-activate the network license when your trial period is not over yet. Please notice that it's not a trial version, but a trial license which allows you to use BricsCAD for 30 days in the highest license level (= ultimate).

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    The trial version is a single user licence while your network license is a shared one. If the user has the V21 trial installed this is what is set to open the DWG file on that computer. Guess if you just remove the trial version on the users' computers, you should be back to work as usual.

    Also suggest to contact your local reseller to discuss the problem you have.

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