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Error: Invalid owner Object

I have an assembly with 2 sub-assemblies which will not update after I have changed them in some way, i keep getting: Error: Invalid owner Object.
So if I open one of the sub-assemblies within the top-level assembly they are correct and up to date. But once saved and closed they will not update within the main assembly.
Am I missing something, is this an operator error ?
I hope this is something I am doing wrong and not another bug, I'm getting tired of reporting bugs and have yet to use Bricscad Mechanical in a professional and productive way at all, very disappointing....


  • Hi Alex, hard to answer without having the dwg files. If possible, post the package with files.

  • edited January 13

    Thanks Daniele, I'm unable to share the files because they are for a client and have NDA in place.
    Digging deeper I think it could be because I am using 2 different computers to edit the files which is synced over PCloud, therefore the mapped location is slightly different.
    I remember having this problem with Inventor and if the mapped location is different then part files are not found. I could be wrong....
    I'm still confused how Bscad handles parts/components I have created, some parts I have created are external referances and some are embedded blocks yet they are a seperate files also?

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