BricsCAD publish command, exception

When I am using BricsCAD publish command on few files, I am getting an exception
"An unexpected error occurred. the application became unstable. It is recommended to save your work to temporary file and restart the application"


  • I'm getting this frequently as well with the publish command, and other things that cause the same error, am about to file a support request for this within the next few days when I have created screen recordings of what happens.

  • RSW does this prblem solved?

  • I receive this error frequently when working on large mechanical assemblies. Does anyone know why this happens?

  • On recent attempts to publish in v21.2.05 the pdf either failed to get generated, or was generated but missing sheet set field values, with "----" appearing instead (e.g., in title blocks), except on the first page.
    Some step in the publish process seems to duplicate the sheet set .dst file into Temp folder but then cannot find it....
    Will file an SR but I wonder if these are related.

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