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Any idea when V21 for MAC will be fixed? It is unusable currently. It opened my drawing and I worked on it... saved and now I can't re-open the drawing .... Crashed 3 times so far. By the way this on a Intel iMac. On M1 it’s way worse.

edit - 5 crashes....removing again and I guess I will wait a few more months.

edit - Went back to V20 and opens fine



  • I'm currently running a beta of ARES Commander for Mac (M1) 2022. Takes forever to load but seems to be 100% reliable. Would love to have a V21 that was built for the M1 as well!! Was not able to get the latest version of V20 to run without crashing on the M1 Mac, runs fine on my MacBook.

  • betazero
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    Hmm do you mean that v20 crashes on m1 or it crashes when opening a drawing? If you installed v21 you have to delete the bricscad application support folder before reinstalling v20. V20 works on m1. I used it and the only issue is sometimes it crashes opening certain drawings.

    It’s going to be nice once we have native apps.
    Hopefully before a 32” M-whatever iMac rolls out we have v21 native or at least working. I will be upgrading my old 2017.
  • I’ll have to delete all the support files and reinstall V20. Thanks for the tip.
  • Reinstalled V20 on the M1 and it seems to work OK, opens VERY fast but does crash every once and awhile when opening a drawing.

  • betazero
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    Going to give Ares Commander a try. Getting sick of waiting for Bricscad to work right. Half the time I cant see my cursor...

    edit....yikes it crashes on open and ramps up my fan on intel iMac. Will try a restart

  • EdwardC
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    I have perpetual license of Both BricsCAD lite V-21 and ARES Commander 2020 /22. ARES Commander on the Mac uses the AutoCAD interface which I'm not a fan of. The PC version is really nice (very very similar to AutoCAD). I definitely give BricsCAD the nod for PC use but at the moment I'll have to give ARES Commander the nod for Mac OS just because it's very stable. Looking forward to BricsCAD catching up on the MacOS scene very soon.

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