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Orientation problem - HP DesignJet T795 44in


I have a big problem with printing orientation. In preview everything is OK, but when I print, the horizontal side of paper becomes vertical. So that means, when I print a drawing size of 841mm x 297mm (paper in printer is 841mm x 1189mm), the longer side becomes vertical. PDF looks fine, but when I print it, the wider edge of the frame is moved on the other side of the paper.


  • Trying to remember in HP plotters there are settings that will override the plot direction, I think one was save white space, there are some auto settings. Check the customise settings 1st, if not working then you may have to go to the plotter and change the settings there.

  • If my coworker plot my files everything is fine. So the paper size should be OK.

  • This sounds like a printer setting interfering somewhere. Did you compare the printer settings between your computers to see if there is a difference?

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