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How do I constraint a linear dimension in a parametric block ?

In my parametric block are two linear dimensions: Width and Height.
When I insert this block with bminsert, the linear dimensions in the block do not change width the change of the Width or Height of the block.
I can constraint a point, but not a defPoint of a dimension.
How do I constraint a linear dimension in a parametric block ?



  • @katrein, I have tried your block and can confirm that is the case.

    I tried to explode it to see if it still does it when exploded, but it said it was an external reference and can't be exploded.

    I have noticed this with my own parametric blocks and can't figure out why sometimes they come in OK using BMINSERT and other times they have become XREFS (weird).

    I then used INSERT instead of BMINSERT and was able to explode it.

    The dimensions then did as intended and followed the geometry, BUT, the dimstyle was all screwed up (the dimension text became very small), again something I have also noticed.

    I think an SR is needed as there is still a way to go with how these parametric items perform, I have some parametric blocks I created a few versions ago that when using BMINSERT all the dimensional constraints are visible and the newer ones I have created all stay hidden until exploded, so I think it is still a work in progress.

    I know this hasn't helped, but I do feel your pain :-)

  • edited January 20

    In V18 the provided file works just fine.

    If you _BmMech a file you can specify how it should be inserted by the _BmInsert command. Just change the 'Insert as' property of the component.

    That dimensions in blocks can suddenly change when a block is exploded is a known issue. AutoCAD behaves the same. The problem occurs if the dimstyle used in the block differs from the dimstyle, with the same name, in the drawing. Since components rely on the block mechanism they also suffer from this issue. You can trigger an update of the dimensions in a block without exploding it by changing the dimstyle.

    I have an SR related to this dimstyle problem (SR67454 - Problem updating assoc dimensions in parametric component). Last response from BricsCAD:

    We confirm the bug. I informed our development team.

    That was a little over 3yrs ago. The current status is 'Closed (Bug logged)'.

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