V21 Program crashes & fatal errors

Every time I try to publish multiple sheets to PDF using the 'publish' command, the program will go through its process for the most part and then bring up a fatal error warning once it's done. A 'crash report' and dump file are created inside the associated folder where the drawings were to be saved to. My program also gets a fatal error when I go to open a file that someone else already has open. When I click 'No' to open a read only the same thing happens. This happens on (3) separate machines that are running V21. Any help is much appreciated.



  • Are you working on an SSD? Do know that SSD manufacturers may sell SSD's with defects on? Not many but it's allowed. And do note after some time an ssd might get more problematic cells if 80% of the volume is reached. I had a simple DWG with texts on , V18 was behaving very slow and strange and recover found errors but could not fix it, .V18 could open the dwg but then I did run sfc /scannow and the dwg was located on a faulty cell , that explains also that recover could not fix it. If SFC finds damaged cells then their location is saved so that the Windows knows to avoid those spots.I use no hard disk, only a few SSD's and after one and a half year 23 cells lost on 1TB , ok this is acceptable but annoying if a new problem cell is used right on the sport of installed software, this can mean endless fiddling so use sfc /scannow often on e SSD only system. Do note Bricscad locks access just as Autocad , You can't open an dwg that someone else has open , well at least v18 no idea about v21 What was the fatal error ?

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