The above command does not work as it used to in the V21.06 release. Before, MBUTTONPAN would allow you to use the middle button on the mouse forthe entity snap modes.
Is this correct, or is there another setting to set entity snaps to the middle button(mouse wheel)?


  • Do you mean SHIFT+RMB = Option List for Snapping ?

  • Michael, before it was MBUTTONPAN and set to( 0 -off) This would then bring up the snap menu allowing you to select any of the snaps you wanted rather than allocating all in the settings. This was a much faster option, as to using it for pan, when you coould simply hit "p" and then pan

  • Sorry, at the moment I can't test what happens if I set MBUTTONPAN to 0.

    But I think I was used (by MBUTTONPAN always on) that the Snapping
    Menu always opened by SHIFT+RMB for me, at least on Mac.
    I remember as this happens only accidentally as I have my Snapping Palettes
    always open and docked above my Drawing Window.

    as to using it for pan, when you could simply hit "p" and then pan

    I think I will not agree on that.
    (MMB is a temporary option, not distracting other running Commands
    while "p" opens a "Pan" command ?)
    For me View Navigation is one of the most important functionality in a
    3D/CAD App and should be always accessible in the most direct way.
    And I will PAN much more often than switching Snaps.

  • Michael what you say is quite interesting, and worth some thought.. 2 things, -forgive the illiteracy- what is RMB? How do you have your snapping menu open and docked?

  • I'm and idiot. I found the entity snaps, obviously under tool bars!

  • MBUTTONPAN is a system variable, not a command. If the 'Exclude the display of system variables' option of the AUTOCOMPLETEMODE is set, system variables cannot be edited in the command line. Set bitcode 16 of the AUTOCOMPLETEMODE system variable, then you can type MBUTTONPAN to set this variable.

  • what is RMB?

    that was an abbreviation for Right Mouse Button
    (LMB left, MMB middle and RMB right mouse button)

  • And I was able to start my V20 on M1 Mac Mini again.

    Now I see ...

    If I deactivate Pan in MBUTTONPAN in Settings,
    MMB click will bring directly optional Snapping List Menu.

    But still, SHIFT + RMB click will bring it too.

  • Quicker, surely to just go to a Esnap toolbar vertical up the end of a letterbox-shaped screen?

  • I always have 2D+3D Snapping Palettes open and docked.

    But thinking of how seldom I do Snapping changes,
    I think I personally should better get used to and remember

  • Michael it works fine in V20, only V21.06 it seems o have changed. I've done what you have and it works.

    Louis, thanks you. However, setting (checking)this variable has no effect. Entering MBUTTONPAN and setting it to off does nothing to the middle mouse button.

  • Ah OK,
    I can open V20 only here. V21 does not run on my M1 Mac.

    So V21 does not bring Snaps back to MMB when MBUT... OFF ?

    MBUTTONPAN option says either "Pan" or "the Setting in Menu"
    Maybe V21 has another Setting in Menu by default now and
    you may be able to bring Snaps back that way ?

  • I found that to add the toolbar at the bottom works fine foe me or Shift+LMB. See, I've been used to drawing in 2D so working in BIM and 3D is relatively new. So the comments you made are noted because as I proceed, I think yours will be the better way to go.

  • Please notice that when MBUTTONPAN = ON you can still have the menu (esnaps by default) by Shift+Right click.

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