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GPS amd BricsCAD

I am looking for a GPS solution that shows the current location with the help of a GPS receiver in BricsCAD. He should be on the selected one Coordinate system. A GPS mouse from Navilock is connected to the notebook. The u-box software is installed. Other hardware can be used. Who has experience and can help with the installation.


  • When you take photos with a mobile phone if you have the location turned on it records lat long, so I was using CIV3D and linking photos to a point on an aerial photo using the info inside the JPG, I can not see any reason why Bricscad can not do it also.

    You will need to google read lat long Bricscad. It would be feasible to update say a point on a aerial map reading a file repeatedly.

    Are you trying to data log ?

  • DotSoft's MapWorks contains numerous GPS related tools including a real-time connection to NMEA compatible GPS devices. It also has the ability to read the EXIF information from JPG photo's and project the lat/long to known coordinate systems, plotting them in the drawing with hyperlinks and more. Consider trying the 45 full working eval to make sure your GPS is compatible.

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