Just a heads up, there is a new version available. V21.1.07. Not sure how long this has been out but I'm assuming it's fairly recent.

Best regards............Ed


  • Yes, found it yesterday.
    But so far Windows only.
    Still no V21.1.07 Apple Silicon with all Windows Features version.

    I installed it on Windows and was immediately depressed when I saw how
    smooth and flawlessly Bricscad can run - on Windows ....

  • Haha, isn't that the truth. Hoping for a major Mac OS update soon.

  • I skipped V21.1.06; 06 + 07 together seem worth updating to.
    I noticed that typically, about Feb, the version numbering changes e.g. after V20.1.08, next is V20.2.01. I wonder what the middle 2 vs 1 means - some level of deep re-write such as happens at the October major new version?

  • I always thought Vxx.2 is a little feature upgrade.
    Like for those that weren't ready at the initial release ?

  • @Tom Foster You will see the .2 every year and it is the second major release within a main version. The .1 comes in October and the .2 usually around March. All the rest in-between are minor releases and bug fixes. These releases are only notified those who have filed support requests which have been 'fixed' in that release. The related support requests (SR) are mentioned in the release notes.

  • Great - so .2 quite soon will be worth waiting for!

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