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Missing Sections

Hi All, I created a BIM model, clicked BIMIFY to create plans, section/elevations. Then Created Project from the project browser and created the sheets.
Now, altough the two plans are there, on the sheet where the other views are are only just the view ports with nothing in them(if that makes sense.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.


  • I think this is a new feature for V21.1.07 ?
    As before I never got any Sections. Just Plans and Elevations.

    Haven't tried so far but it does not work ?

  • "Create Sheets" in the Sheetset Setup is only step 1 of 2. It creates the new sheet dwg with linked viewports as you have seen, but they will (usually?) be empty until you run BimSectionUpdate. You can run BimSectionUpdate on the corresponding section entities back in the model dwg—or on the BIM viewports—or from the Project Browser's Sections or Sheets trees, which I think is the preferred though not always most convenient way.

    This method usually works for me, but not always (if the sheet already exists, for example, let alone if I decide to rename something later...). When it works the results are impressive. Unfortunately, I don't find the procedure to be intuitive, flexible, or explained thoroughly, so I hope Bricsys puts more effort into enhancing the workflow for both BIM sheet creation and editing.

  • edited February 17

    Michael, Not sure what version it is, I am do a trial at the moment to see if I can get off AutoCAD
    Scotts, I have tried everything you said above, but nothing works. So I am totally clueless what to do next.

    I totally agree with your your commenst re Bricsy. This is one thing that definitely puts me off using Bricsys BIM.

    Creating a sheet should be a plane simple proces, Ie you set up your title block with your logos company details etc, then when creating sheets it's just there, with your details added. Another thing that is quite irritating, is the default is in Portrait mode. Peronally, I have never ever used that format in a layout,

  • I have had some luck with templates by setting up my layout and save as .DWT in the correct bricsys folder. That might work for you.

    I agree that this BIM is under baked compared to other major titles. Knowing when to jump to 2D and just explode everything is the balance I am finding now. As pure BIM it's rocky, but build a model and get elevations and plans speeds up a 2D process a lot.

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