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Imported raster images are inverted/backwards?

About a week a my raster images stopped importing correctly. I have attached an image of what they import like. As far as i'm aware I have not changed any settings to make this happen and I can not figure out how to stop it happening or revert the image to original once imported.

BricsCad Pro
Version 18.2.14 (x64) revision 54509
(With Irricad Plugin)

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Inverted image.JPG
322 x 255 - 21K


  • edited February 17

    It looks like it's been mirrored. No idea why that would happen without your consent, but you can definitely undo it with the Mirror command.

    If you have to do that a lot, you might like this custom version of the mirror command. It flips things horizontally or vertically with just a single click.

    ;;; FLIP flips a selection set horizontally or vertically about its centroid.
    ;;; I.e., it mirrors the selection set orthogonally and deletes the originals.
    ;;; Execute the command, then click a point to choose whether horizontal or vertical.
    (defun c:Flip ( / ss1 *error*)
    (setq ss1 (ssget))
    (sssetfirst nil ss1)
    (setq p1 (trans (apply 'acet-geom-mid-point (vle-getboundingbox ss1)) 0 1))
    (setq om1 (getvar "Orthomode"))
    (defun *error* (msg) (setvar "Orthomode" om1) (SelP) (princ msg) (princ) )
    (setvar "Orthomode" 1)
    (command "Mirror" ss1 "" p1 pause "y")
    (setvar "Orthomode" om1)
    ;(sssetfirst nil (ssget "P")) ; use this to end with objects still selected
    615 x 513 - 249K
  • Perhaps check the current scale values you have set in the IMAGEATTACH dialogue? If X or Y Scale is set to a negative value, it would cause the image to flip.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V21 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

  • edited February 18

    Yes! That does it. With Scale > Y = -1, you get what Dshaw posted.

    And the -1 value stays even after re-booting Bricscad. So once it's set (maybe by a custom command that crashed) it keeps doing that.

    But why can't I find it in Settings? I even exported all the settings and searched the file for "image," then "attach," and then "-1."

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