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V21 LAYOUT color


I'm looking and looking, but I can't find where to change the background color in layout to black. Now it is gray. I can find only for model space and paper space. I want it to be black like in model space.



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    There's also DISPPAPERBKG, or Display Paper Background, which determines whether the part of a layout that's outside the print area is grey or has the BKGCOLORPS color.

    And DISPPAPERMARGINS, or Display Printable Area, which draws a color 7 dashed-line rectangle that can't be selected.

  • The DISPPAPERBKG isn't working. I attached a picture what I mean.

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  • All I can think of to explain what I see in that screenshot is that maybe you have BKGCOLORPS set to a grey that happens to be exactly the same as the grey surround that you get when DISPPAPERBKG is on. Then you'd see that same thing whether DISPPAPERBKG is on or off. But that would be quite a coincidence.

    What happens if you turn on DISPPAPERMARGINS? Without that, there's no indication of the print area. At first I thought it must be modelspace, but I think that ucsicon is only seen in paperspace.

    And I guess it's possible that this whole thing has changed in newer versions. I use v17.

  • BKGCOLORPS in V20 is set to 256 or 0 = black background. If i do this in V21, nothing happens. It remains gray.

  • Am I missing something?

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  • I think it also depends on current Visual Display Style
    (like 2D Wireframe vs BIM/Modeling/... )
    and if your View is 2D or 3D, orthogonal or perspective,
    if or when you can see the "default" background color.

    Like when using a 3 color gradient setup for m 3D Views
    and look at a view from top, it will show the bottom color only.
    And I think I also use a simple gray for it.

  • BKGCOLORPS changes the color only in the mview, on the paper which I made it. So If I set a printable area (210 X 297 like A4 is), only this area will be effected with BKGCOLORPS command.

  • The solution is in ''Display paper background''. If you unmark this, layout background becomes black. Maybe is time to work after primary job in Brics support.

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    @M_trasa said:
    ... ''Display paper background''. If you unmark this, layout background becomes black. ...

    In my 17, turning that off gives the layout surround whatever color is specified by BKGCOLORPS, no matter whether it's black, white, gray, yellow, green, or whatever.

    Turning on Display Paper Background confines that BKGCOLORPS to the area of the virtual paper. And that's surrounded by gray 253, which I can't change to any other color.

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