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Lofting Issues

Hi Everyone,

Can you all help me understand this issue that I am running into when lofting. I have created a an 8"x8"x8" box with a 1" offset to get overhang at the top and bottom. When I create a loft with these dimensions, it works perfectly. But then if i create a 8"x8"x12" box with a 1" overhang. I cannot get the loft to repeat correctly. Why would this happen? I am repeating and selecting the commands in the same exact order. Is it a loft setting that I need to change? I have have attached a PDF copy of what I need it to look like but when increase it to 20" in height it does not work correctly. I have also attached a video.

Thank you.

Screen Recording 2021-02-21 at 12.16.17 PM.mp4
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