Unwanted Raster Image "Clipping" in Visual Styles - BricsCAD 21.1.06 on Mac Big Sur

I created several blocks of people (musicians) for insertion into a 3d model I am creating using a clipped jpeg image of a band I found (I copied and clipped the jpeg separately to create each block). This appeared to work well initially, as I had no trouble with this in earlier versions of BricsCAD (v17). However, when I began using v21 I noticed the lower half of the raster images is consistently cut off in my drawings whenever I am in any visual style other than 2d Wireframe, except in the original drawing I created these blocks in (where the entire raster image in each block appears fine, regardless of visual style). If I turn the image clip off the entire jpeg image is there. Does anyone know what would cause a portion of a raster image to not show up? I have attached a test file I inserted a few of the blocks (and their clipped jpeg separately) into. I have no idea if this is only a problem on the Mac OS, my computer/settings, or a more widespread issue. Thank you.


  • Hi William,

    You forgot to share raster image attached to your drawing:
    /Volumes/Macintosh HD - Data/Arch Business/Cad Support/Blocks/People/People Clip Art/Band People/Church Band.jpg

  • Maxim,
    Thanks for the reminder and sorry for the delayed response! Attached is the jpeg image I'm using in the drawing.

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