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How do I start Shape?

I turned off the startup window now I can't figure how to start Shape. Where is the executable located?


  • Easiest way is to check the "Show BricsCAD launcher at Startup" from the Start page. If you've turned that off as well, go into the Settings dialog and change the STARTUP option to 2 or 3.

    It took me a while to get used to launching from the new Start page, as well. The Launcher is redundant (for my work flow) but I'm okay with the Start page now.

    AFAIK, the executable for Shape and the full BricsCAD application is one and the same. There may be command-line parameters which would allow Shape to be launched from a link/shortcut but I'm not aware of any.

  • @Richard Webb

    Thanks for the quick response, I was able to fix it. I did not notice the "Show BricsCAD Launcher at Startup" option in the bottom right corner of the start page.

    Yes, the launcher was redudant fro me also so I turned it off. So, there is no other option to start Shape without the launcher?

    I wish they would add a shortcut to the Windows Start menu. I wonder how many folks have run in the same trap I have?

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  • edited February 26

    I think a) there was forgotten to open Bricscad, when Launcher is deactivated,
    with the last used option (?), like BIM or Shape in this case.

    And b) when Bricscad and Shape Installation was unified, it was not intended
    to be able start Shape, without screening commercial Bricscad and Upgrade options.

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