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BIM properties on Rollover Tips

When I hover over a BIM entity, say a wall, the composition and wall type are displayed among other properties (when Rollovertips=1). But when I select the entity, those BIM properties disappear in the Rollover Tips. Is there a way to keep those displayed upon selection? And is it possible to display additional BIM properties or quantities, for example, thickness? I don't see those in the Rollover customization list. Running v21.1.07 on Windows 10.


  • Hello Scott,

    We were already aware of the second request to add BIM properties in the CUI dialog. The good news is that we have improved it, and you can expect the improvement in one of the upcoming releases.

    Regarding the first request: when the Rollover Tips setting is on, a limited set of properties (3) is shown under the cursor display in the Quad. But indeed, more properties are shown on hovering over the entity. Please always feel free to file a support request for this issue, so we can keep you informed about any progress.

  • Thank you, Tiemen. I look forward to the improvement that is already in the works, and will file a request to extend the hover properties.

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