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Looking for v14 Sheet Metal videos

My V14 Platinum included sheet metal. It has a link to some videos, but the domain is no longer used. I tried the BricsCAD channel on YouTube, but the oldest video that looks like it might be v14 was not in English.

Are the older v14 videos still available? Where can I find them?



  • I suppose that V19-V21 are not longer useful?

    It might be difficult to get 6years old videos.

  • I guess that is why I dislike on-line documentation. Eventually it will be taken away. And even on-line authorization is in the same category. Companies fail all the time. And once you can no longer authorize a perpetual license, your license isn't so perpetual. Though, the pirate community takes on a legitimate role at that point.


  • The perpetual license allows you tu use a specific version as long as you can, but it does NOT ensure download, documentation or compatibility support. Consequently, "pirate community" is not really legitimate. However if this is a concern, Open-Source the the proper answer: I still have drivers for my 20years-old scanner because of open-source Operating-System, which is unusable since XP is deprecated. Unfortunately, open-source has not yet professional level for CAD/CAM.

    Maybe it's time to either get a maintenance, or switch to FreeCAD/equivalent.

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