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How to encrypt my lisp code and deploy to client

Dear All ,

I am working with AutoCAD and BrisCAD , lisp development . I deploy my .FAS with autoCAD, but how can i deploy fas or lsp to deploy with briscad.

Please help me to encrypt my lisp code for briscad. suggest me any tool will help me.

vilas jadhav


  • Hello,

    BricsCAD orivides the DEScoder.exe utility - compatible with FAS/VLX projects from AutoLISP;
    so you can use the same prv/prj project for both systems.

    Encrypted files are named .des - AutoCAD loads .fas + .vlx files, BricsCAD loads .des files;
    to be smart, just use
    (load "name")
    and do not use (load "name.vlx/fas/des") so that each CAD system automatically detects its appropriate file (if all fas/vlx/des files are in same location).

    You can download our "Lisp Developer Support Package" - freeware from ApplicationCatalog :

    hope this will help you ?
    many greetings !

  • edited March 29

    Please, you help me , how we can transform "PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER" to Word-Pin?(for selling lisp on internet)?

    Now You can encrypted all sources.lisp-ascii with OsMode.You cannot execute the "pp_rolisonfelipe_jcpin25.lsp" without Osmode=598.

    Your card bank contains Pincode(xxxx-digits)
    (PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER "x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6, GenuineIntel").
    Now , even your-program.lsp, contain pinCode.lsp (e.g. pp_rolisonfelipe_jcaro10.lsp)

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