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How To Prepare For Re-installation On a New Machine (LapTop)?

I might have to re install (move) the software to a new laptop and I need help with the process.
1. Uninstalling: do I need to uninstall with internet connection so bricsys will let re install on the new laptop?
2. Backup workspaces and LSP:
* I've saved all my LSP files
* I've saved the C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V21x64 folder that contain the .CUI files and the appload.dfs file.
Quotations for Backup workspaces and LSP (how do I keep my custom workspaces and tools?):
1. after the installation, if I copy the custom workspaces files (.CUI) to the new AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V21x64 folder, will they be available in the new installation?
2. I have custom tools (see attached photo). are they a part of the custom .CUI files or I will have to Re-create and Re-assign them again?
3. any other advices will be welcome... :)


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