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Pointcloud importing

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I am exporting a point cloud from a program called 'CloudCompare'. This program will take a pointcloud file format (.e57 in my case) and export it to a .pts format file which can be attached to a Bricscad V20 drawing.

The problem I am getting is that the density that shows in the CloudCompare window (cloud_view1.jpg) is quite good where as the imported view in Bricscad (cloud_view_bricscad.jpg) is not very useable.

I have tried the POINTCLOUDPOINTSIZE_PLUS but this doesn't achieve the results I expect.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


2943 x 1844 - 1M
2497 x 2007 - 571K
2204 x 1581 - 661K
2106 x 1655 - 244K


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    Hi Ian,
    In BricsCAD V21, you can directly attach point clouds with .e57 file format, no need to convert this to .pts
    if you still have the same issue, try setting POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX higher (value=6 000 000 maybe?) and try turning POINTCLOUDADAPTIVEDISPLAY ON (value=1).
    Kind regards,

  • Thankyou for your prompt reply Chiyan,

    I wont be upgrading to V21 due to the upgrade cost and unfortunately changing those settings didn't work in my version of V20 BIM.

    Any other suggestions?


  • Hi Ian,

    Point Clouds in V21 has improved a lot compared to V20, with a lot of newly added features as well. If you work with point clouds often, I would recommend you to upgrade. For more information on Point Clouds in V21:

    But for now, in V20 the following work-around might work:
    Could you check the unit of your e57 file (let's say this is in METERS)?
    When using POINTCLOUDATTACH in BricsCAD you will have the following prompt in the commandline:
    Give unit for point coordinates. [Inches/Feet/Miles/miLlimeters/Centimeters/mEters/Kilometers/micrOinches/milS/Yards/Angstroms/Nanometers/micRons] :
    Make sure you give it the same unit as the original e57 file, in this case: METERS
    If your units during POINTCLOUDATTACH does not match the original units of the point cloud, it is possible you have scaling (and therefore lost of points) issues.

    Kind regards,

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