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How can I get my flat pattern from sheet metal in a layout drawing of mechanical?


Does anyone know how to do this? I have a assembly with some bended plates, I want all the parts including the flat patterns in the assembly drawing.
I know in Inventor I can choose between the part or the flat pattern, but I can not find how to solve it in Bricscad. Is it even possible?

Thank you in advance!

Gr Patrick


  • So your flat patterns are in a layout view? Export each pattern to model space, explode each block, close / join the lines defining the pattern, extrude the pattern to the thickness of your sheet metal, and drill the holes. Now you have a 3D model of the blank, which you can import to your assembly.

  • Hello Jim,

    Thank you for your reaction. I am not sure if we understand each other correctly.

    I have an assembly with all external parts. I want to make only one drawing, with the assembly and all the parts in it.
    Getting all the parts in it is no problem, only the flat patterns from the sheet metal parts are missing.
    I am looking for a way to include these flat patterns.

    Gr Patrick

  • I must be missing something.... Are you talking about having 2D views of unformed sheet metal patterns on layout pages within the assembly file? Or unformed 3D blanks sitting in model space? I can't imagine why you couldn't do either. I have to admit, I have avoided assemblies with external parts because I have had loads of problems with broken assembly structures. Last couple times I created assemblies with external parts, something got corrupted, and the assembly file became useless. (crashed my machine whenever I tried to open it) Since then all my assembles are local.

  • Hello Jim,

    Exactly the first thing you mentioned, 2D views of unformed sheet metal patterns on layout pages within the assembly file.
    I want to make one drawing with everything on it.

    I have to admit that lately I want to avoid Bricscad Mechanical entirely, just because it becomes very unstable with bigger assemblies and crashes regularly.

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