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BricsCAD Not showing Pointcloud intensity as it should

edited April 8 in Point Clouds

Hi all!

We are working with BricsCAD V21 and are trying to model out a building that we scanned and created a pointcloud of.
We used Leica scanners and Leica software to produce this pointcloud.
Because of the scale of the project we only made color scans on the outside of the building and then created blocks of something like 5 by 5 meters and exported these to a ReCap file (see images)

the first 2 shots are taken from ReCap and show 1 where you can see the color of the scans ( black inside the building) and the second is taken when setting the colors to intensity( we need the intensity because modelling in the black pointcloud is difficult) and in this second shot you can see clearly that ReCap is showing the right intensity for the cloud.

after I've imported the cloud into BricksCAD (shot 3) the cloud looks like it does in ReCap but again working in a color cloud where the inside is black is difficult so I have to set it to intensity.
now Shot 4 shows how BricsCAD is Displaying the intensity Stylization and as you can see the inside of the building doesn't show much variation in color, it's all dark blue!
this would actually be the same as working in the color of scan version and this is to difficult to work with.

I don't know how i can get the cloud to look like something I can work with.

the information as you can see in shot 2 is in the file, ReCap knows how to work with it but in bricsCAD this information is not showing.

does anyone have a work around or is this just a problem that needs to be addressed?

ReCap Color.JPG
1354 x 1040 - 207K
ReCap intensity.JPG
1421 x 1037 - 219K
BricsCAD Color.JPG
1919 x 1034 - 258K
BricsCAD intensity.JPG
1917 x 1036 - 294K


  • Hi,
    did you use the Intensity/spectrum option?
    Also the coloring should depend on the cropping (both with crops and sections), maybe this can help.

  • @Piet said:
    did you use the Intensity/spectrum option?
    Also the coloring should depend on the cropping (both with crops and sections), maybe this can help.


    thanks for the response!

    Yes i did use the intensity/spectrum as you can see in the 4th shot.
    and no in the shots I posted there is no crop, we made blocks in the pointcloud software and exported that so that the files wouldn't be to large.

    here are 2 shots whith a crop or a limitbox as they call it in ReCap.
    first in ReCap and the 2nd in BricsCAD.

    In the BricsCAD one I made a crop then set the color to scancolor and then back to intensity I hoped he would regenererate the colors in the spectrum form this new crop but the result remains the same.
    I can't really identify a wall vs a painting or miror hanging on the wall because the colors are all dark blue.

    ReCap Limitbox.JPG
    1217 x 745 - 105K
    BricsCAD Crop.JPG
    1674 x 655 - 113K
  • Hi,

    We have worked on this issue and it should be fixed in the upcoming release of V22.

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