Will Twinmotion bring photogrammetry to Bricscad?

Tom Foster
edited April 9 in 3D Modeling

Given realtime visualisation ap Twinmotion's integration into Bricscad https://blog.bricsys.com/epic-games-twinmotion-for-bricscad-bim , the acquisition by Unreal Engine (Twinmotion's parent) of brilliant photogrammetry firm Capturing Reality is very significant - and not before time. While the other BIM majors - Autodesk, Microstation - see LIDAR-to-point cloud and camera-to-mesh photogrammetry as equal, tightly integrated inputs to their Digital Twin/Reality Capture/Scan-to-BIM software, Bricsys alone seems to stonewall photogrammetry/mesh completely, presumably because parent Hexagon has Leica LIDAR and wants to pretend that apparent competitor photogrammetry doesn't exist.

Just as Bricsys went shopping so fruitfully in Russia for the foundation for the whole foray into Direct Modeling and BIM, I kept telling Erik (while I had his ear) to snap up Solovenian Capturing Reality while he could, to match Autodesk and Microstation's capability. Will Hexagon get the point, now the horse has bolted?

In the same month, Unreal's competitor Unity has aquired VisualLive (Hololens's software) to similarly boost their route into AEC. AECMag devotes two whole pages to these acquisitions. Smell the future!

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